Do you know that airplanes also have horns? Know when and under what conditions it is used

Have you ever heard about the horn in flight? Yes, there are horns in flight too, but now you must be thinking that what is the function of horn in the sky. If you do not know why and for what circumstances the horns are installed in the flight, then let us tell you about it in detail.

Reason for having horn in Aiplanes

First of all, let us tell you that the horn in the airplane is not used to deflect any other airplane in the sky. Because there is no possibility of two flights coming face to face on the same route. Apart from this, the horn in the plane is also not used to for the birds in the sky. Actually, the horn in the flight is used to communicate with the ground engineer and staff. If there is a defect in the aiplane or an emergency situation occurs before the flight takes off, then the pilot or engineer sitting inside the plane at that time sends an alert message to the ground engineer by blowing this horn.

Where the horn is used in flight

The horn of the flight is mounted in the compartment of its landing gear and its button is on the cockpit of the plane. GND is written above this button. On pressing this button, the flight alert system is triggered and it emits a siren-like sound.

What is the difference in the sound of the automatic horn on the plane

Let us tell you that airplanes also have automatic horns, which automatically sounds when the system malfunctions or if there is a fire in the plane. However, its special thing is that the sound of these horns is also different, which play in different sound according to the fault in different systems. With their different sounds, aircraft engineers are able to find out which part of the flight is malfunctioned.