Why is the Lather of Soap Always White? Do you know the reason behind it

Why is the Lather of Soap Always White: we use soap every day, but have you ever wondered why it always turns white, whether it is red or blue? Apart from this, do you know where the color of soap disappears after applying it? These are some such questions, which have rarely come in your mind, but no problem, In this blog we will tell you about it in detail.

Why is the color of the foam always white?

To know the answer, remember the science class of your school, in which it was told in a very simple way that an object has no color of its own. When the rays of light fall on the object, the color that it reflects by absorbing the rest of the colors is its color. The same law states that when an object absorbs all the colours, it appears black. When an object reflects all the colours, it appears white. The same rule applies to soap suds as well.

Please note that soap is not a solid substance. It is a thin film made of water, air and soap. When this thin film takes a round shape, we call it a bubble. Actually, soap scum is a group of small bubbles.

As soon as the sun’s rays go in a soap bubble, they start reflecting in different directions. That, instead of not going in any one direction, the rays of the sun get scattered in different directions and this is the reason that a bubble of soap looks like a transparent orange. Apart from this, this is also the reason for the color of the sky to appear white.

The tiny bubbles that make up the foam are also made of similar variegated transparent bubbles but they are so fine that we cannot see all the seven colors. On the other hand, the light rotates so fast that it keeps on changing all the colors, that if an object changes all the colors, then its color appears white. For this reason, the color of the lather appears white.