Flipkart Funtastic Quiz Brand & Business Quiz Answers

Flipkart Video is back with a new General Knowledge Quiz Show Funtastic Quiz Brand and Business Quiz. Here you have to complete 3 stages. 1st Stage will have 1 question, 2nd stage will have 3 questions and 3rd stage will have 5 Questions. If you complete all 3 stages by giving all correct answers you can win Flipkart Supercoins and other amazing prizes from Flipkart.

Flipkart Funtastic Quiz Brand & Business Quiz Answers

Here are all the Correct Answer of Flipkart Funtastic Brand & Business Quiz

Note – All questions are asked randomly so read all questions and answers. Some questions may be different and may not be included in this post.

1. Where is the Wall Street Bull Located?

Answer 1 – USA

2. The Company Licious primarily deals with which product?

Answer 2 – Meat

3. What did Qimat Rai Gupta acquire from Haveli Ram Gandhi?

Answer 3 – Havells

4. Which of these is owned by BigTree Entertainment?

Answer 4 – BookMyShow

5. Which brand finds itself in Sensex, a prominent stock index?

Answer 5 – SBI

6. Which of these apps share its name with a DC superhero?

Answer 6 – Shazam

7. What was earlier incorporated as ‘Western India Products’?

Answer 7 – Wipro

8. Marico owns which popular brand of coconut oil?

Answer 8 – Parachute

9. The brand Tupperware deals with which category of products?

Answer 9 – Containers

10. Which of these has a tiger in their Logo?

Answer 10 – RBI

11. The MI in Xiaomi’s logo stands for?

Answer 11 – Mobile Internet

12. Titan is a part of which conglomerate?

Answer 12 – Tata

13. Which of these company logos has two men in armor?

Answer 13 – Faber-Castell

14. Which of these companies logos comprises of two hearts?

Answer 14 – Kwality Wall’s

15. Which of these does not have an animal in their logo?

Answer 15 – NAT GEO

16. How many circles are there in Audi Logo?

Answer 16 – 4

17. Which of these companies owns Marvel Studios?

Answer 17 – Disney

18. What does the G in GM expand to, in relation to cars?

Answer 18 – General

19. Which of these colours appear on the WhatsApp logo?

Answer 19 – Green

20. To which brand would you connect a three pointed star logo?

Answer 20 – Mercedes

21. Which company is the maker of Pajero cars ?

Answer 21 – Mitsubishi

22. Which is these company logos resembles a tick mark?

Answer 22 – Nike

23. From which company are the Parker pens?

Answer 23 – USA

24. In which continent was IKEA found?

Answer 24 – Europe

25. Which of these apps is used to identify songs?

Answer 25 – Shazam

26. Which car company came out with the beetle?

Answer 26 – Volkswagen

27. The brand Dolce and Gabbana was founded in which country?

Answer 27 – Italy

28. The first money that a business venture raises is called?

Answer 28 – Seed funding

29. Otis is a company famous for making what products?

Answer 29 – Elevators

30. Sennheiser is a popular brand for making what?

Answer 30 – Headphones

31. Which of these pairs were founded by brothers?

Answer 31 – Puma-Adidas

32. From which country is fashion brand Gucci?

Answer 32 – Italy

33. Which of these companies sponsored a cricket world cup?

Answer 33 – Reliance

34. The ‘G’ in RPSG Group, an Indian Conglomerate, stands for?

Answer 34 – Goenka

35. The company Saudi Aramco primarily deals in which product?

Answers 35 – Petroleum

36. Which airline was founded by captain GR Gopinath?

Answer 36 – Air Deccan

37. Which of these is of Italian origin?

Answer 37 – Vespa

38. Which breed of dog is shown in famous You & I Hutch ad?

Answer 38 – Pug

39. Which company’s tagline is Wires That Don’t Catch Fire?

Answer 39 – Havells

40. Which of these newspaper has the Frontline Megazine?

Answer 40 – The Hindu

41. Vedantu, Byju’s Upgrad are examples of what?

Answer 41 – Edtech Platforms

42. After which ape is a glass brand of Corning named?

Answer 42 – Gorilla

43. Which animal can be found on RBI’s emblem?

Answer 43 – Tiger

44. which of these is from Taiwan?

Answer 44 – HTC

45. Which of these is an American Megazine?

Answer 45 – Time

46. Tiger biscuits is a brand owned by which company?

Answer 46 – Britannia

47. Which Indian group owns the car company Jaguar?

Answer 47 – Tata

48. A little dough man is the mascot of which company?

Answer 48 – Pillsbury

49. The tagline ‘Desh Ki Dhadkan’ associated with which brand?

Answer 49 – Hero