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Ever Wondered Why mobile SIM card have a cut from one corner

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Why fans used in Trains cannot be stolen?

Indian Railways has come up with unique way to deal with theft in train, after which thieves will not be able to steal the fans of the train even if they want. Each day lakhs and crores of people travel by train in India. The Train is considered to be the lifeline of the country. … Read more

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Have you ever wondered why there are crushed stones on Railway Tracks?

These crushed stones are collectively known as “Track Ballast”. Track ballast is packed between the sleepers (concrete regular slabs), and on the sides of railway tracks. The main purpose of the ballast (stones) is to hold sleepers in place, which helps to hold the rails in place. Crushed stones also serve other purpose like draining … Read more

Have you ever thought why trees are painted red and white?

This method of painting the bottom of the trees is quite old. But have you ever thought about why they are painted red and white? These are the reasons why trees are painted red and white 1. It indicates that ‘this tree is under the protection of forest department’ and cannot be harvested and chopped … Read more