Ever wondered why delivery of product is done in brown color box only? Know the reason behind it

Nowadays online shopping have become very popular. People sit at home and order their necessities online, which comes to their homes through couriers. With this, people can ordered their favourite things sitting at home online. However, if you have look carefully at the parcel deliverd to your home, then it comes in a brown color box. You must have also noticed that the coaches that come in the courier are always brown in color. Do you know why these boxes are always brown in color. If not, then today we will tell you an important reason behind this.

Delivery boxes are made of Cardboard

the courier boxes in which our parcels come are made of cardboard. The entire corpus is made of paper. Now you must be aware that the natural papers are not bleached, that is why they are brown in color.

Reason why brown box is used for delivery

Brown is the natural color of paper. Paper is naturally brown because it’s made from plant wood, stems, and bark, depending on the paper. We bleach the natural paper so that we can write on it easily. However, we do not have to write anything on the cardboard box, Since bleaching is unnecessary and more expensive, so money is not spent on whitening it. The boxes that companies like Amazon and Flipkart use for the delivery of goods are actually cardboard brown boxes because no customer pays extra money for the cardboard box used for courier so companies do not spend money on bleaching this cardboards.