Ever wondered why beer bottles are only brown or green in colour, know the reason behind it

If you have ever drink beer or have ever seen a beer bottle, then you must have noticed that the beer bottle is either green or brown in color. However, do you know what is the reason behind this? Have you ever wondered why beer bottles are only green or brown in colour, or why beer is not kept in white or transparent bottles? If not, then let us tell you about it in this blog.

 Reason behind the green or brown beer bottle

It is said that thousands of years ago the first beer making company was in ancient Egypt. Here beer was made and served in transparent bottles. During this time, many beer makers found that the acid in the beer was reacting with sunlight and its ultraviolet rays. Due to this reaction, the beer started to smell and people started staying away from it and the makers faced huge losses.

Reason for using Brown colored bottles

When the beer companies started to suffer, at that time, various solutions were found to solve this problem. Beer makers choose such bottles for beer, which were coated with a brown coating. In this sequence, brown bottles were used. It is worth noting that this trick worked. Beer kept in brown bottles did not spoil. That is because sunlight could not reach the liquid in the bottle.

Reason for using Green colored bottles

However, during the Second World War, another problem was faced the beer companies. During this time there was a shortage of brown bottles. Bottles of brown color were not available. In such a situation, the beer makers had to choose another color that would not be affected by the sun’s rays. Then the green color was chosen. Since then, beer started being sold in green bottles.