Ever Wondered Why mobile SIM card have a cut from one corner

You must have seen the SIM card inserted in the mobile phone. The SIM card is cut off from one corner. But have you ever wondered why SIM card have a cut from one corner?

In today’s era, mobile phone has become an integral part of people’s life. People spend hours of time on mobile screen. Mobiles are becoming smarter day by day. It has made many tasks of people very easy. But the most important thing in any mobile phone is SIM card. With the help of SIM card, networks come in the mobile, we are able to call, message or run the internet. If you have ever seen a SIM card carefully, it has a side cut, but do you know why the SIM is cut from one side? Well Lets Know

Earlier sim cards were normal

Today there are many telecom companies around the world including India, which make SIM cards. All SIM cards are cut from one corner. This happens not only in India but all over the world. Let us tell you that in the beginning when SIM cards were made, they were not having cut from the side. When SIM cards were designed for mobile phones, they were coming in square shape.

Reason behind having cut in sim cards

Now you must be thinking that when the first SIM card used to be normal, then what happened that it started being cut from the side. Actually, when SIM cards were used to be square, people were having trouble understanding which is the straight and reverse side of the SIM. In such a situation, people used to put the SIM upside down many times. Because of this, it was becoming difficult to remove it later. Sometimes the SIM chip were also getting damaged.

To solve this problem, the telecom companies felt the need to change the design of the SIM. After this the companies cut the SIM card from one corner. Due to this cut in corner, it was easy for people to insert and remove the SIM card in the mobile phone, because a groove was formed due to the cut in the SIM card. In such a situation, people used to have convenience in using SIM cards, due to which other telecom companies also started selling SIM cards with new cut designs in corner.