Ever wondered why the shape of the antenna of Dish TV is round? Do you know the reason behind this

Television is something that we all must be aware of. There have been many changes in the world of TV in the last two decades. Like in earlier times, there were long antennas, through which Doordarshan was seen in the villages. After this the entry of DTH took place and due to this, gradually many TV channels took entry in the homes of India. As we all know that the antenna of DTH or Dish TV is very different from the earlier antenna. A round umbrella is installed in it. Through which signals are received from satellite and we are able to watch our favorite programs on TV.

However, have you ever noticed that why the antenna of DTH or Dish TV is round? What is the reason they are not made in square or any other shape? If you do not know the answer to this, thenin this blog we will tell you about it in detail.

Reason why the antenna of Dish TV is round

Let us tell you that the shape of the antenna of Dish TV is deliberately made round. This is done so that when a light hits the dish, it does not reflect back and go straight back, rather it stops at the focus. Similarly, when the signals coming from the satellite also hit the umbrella, they get focused on the feed horn and due to this many types of channels come on our TV.

What is the use of set top box in Dish TV

The question is also why the last set top box is used? Let us tell you that, the set top box takes information from the satellite. Means the signals with feed horn reach the set top box, after which the set top box decodes these signals. We all see this decoded information through TV.