9 People With Extra Body Parts You Won’t Believe Exist

While it’s not exactly rare to have people born with extra body parts some of them stand out for how incredibly bizarre they turned out to be. These unusual people sometimes go on to have normal lives while others get to live with it forever. From extra fingers and toes to even an extra head here are some of the most unusual people we’ve discovered.

1. Deepak Paswan

This is possibly one of the most popular stories about an unusual person born with extra body parts when Deepak Paswan was born in India no one expected that he would be born with two legs protruding from his chest but that was his condition for a few years. The legs and arms belonged to his underdeveloped twin who turned out to be parasitic however Deepak faced serious discrimination because of this as you can imagine many other children bullied him every chance they could get. The Hindu pilgrims on the other hand visited his place to worship him they believed that he was a reincarnation of lord Vishnu a god said to have additional limbs as well. Finally Deepak had a chance to live a normal life when a charitable hospital in Bangalore agreed to take up his surgery cost in 2010. At first his family members were told not to visit hospitals but eventually they had to listen. Seventy eight thousand dollars and several hours later Deepak came out of surgery without the extra limbs today he’s living a normal life.

2. Hong Hong

Polydactylism is a condition that affects as little as one in every thousand children it is this rare condition that Hong Hong was born with in Hunan province china in 2016. He had a total of 16 toes and 15 fingers since this condition is inherited it’s not surprising that his mother suffers from the same condition she had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot and just as she feared her baby too was born with this condition but with even more fingers and toes Hong Hong didn’t leave a normal life until his family was finally about to raise thirty thousand dollars for the much needed surgery.

3. Myrtle Corbin

Born with an extra pair of legs in 1888 Myrtle Corbin had a congenital deformity known as Dipygus thanks to his condition she had two separate pelvises that gave her both inner and outer legs. However while she could move the inner legs just as much as she could move the outer ones she still couldn’t work with them as they were smaller still technology at the time wasn’t as advanced as we have today and Myrtle had to live with this condition all of her life. She was able to start a family despite some medical problems giving birth to a son and four daughters in 1928, Myrtle died at the age of 60.

4. Yin Xin

Having a growth from an underdeveloped twin is a lot more common than you think just like Deepak Paswan who had to live for a while with his twin’s limb on his chest. This Chinese girl Yin Xin was born with a small arm at her back. However while some of the extra body parts just stick and remain the same size for most of their lives the arm kept growing just as Yin Xin was by the time she was 11 years old the arm had grown into the shape of a human with fingers and a stomach. This underdeveloped fetus covered half of her back and made Yin Xin really uncomfortable not only couldn’t she sleep at night but she also had to tolerate being treated differently most times cruelly by others. Her parents were finally able to save for her surgery and the fetus was successfully removed in 2007.

5. Didier Montalvo

It’s one thing to have a skin bowl pretty much anyone can have them but having a skin mold that covers your entire back is certainly not normal that’s exactly what happened with Didier Montalvo born in Sri Lanka in 2006. He had such a huge mole on his back that it took the shape of a turtle shell since this wasn’t an easy body part to hide due to its size Didier went through a ton of discrimination. Most people in the city refused to interact with him or his family they strongly believed that the boy was cursed by an evil spirit and the family members were being punished as well of course being in a small city it wasn’t difficult for such stories to spread really far making Didier a subject of mockery the boy finally had a chance of living a happier life when he went to the united kingdom for surgery.

6. Gaurab Garum

two-year-old Nepalese Gaurab Garum was born with an extra arm growing out of his back while this is not so strange in itself as it is remnant from an underdeveloped twin it’s rare because of where it is growing out of the extra arm which doesn’t move grew out of his spinal column a gap in the bones known as spina bifida as Gaurab kept growing so did the extra arm until the boy couldn’t sleep or carry out other activities comfortably. Gaurab also couldn’t fit into his shirts because the family also faced a little problem if they had the extra limb removed there was a huge chance that the young boy would be paralyzed. For the rest of his life since it was growing out of a delicate area their community was also a deeply religious Hindu one and they were reluctant to seek medical opinion however his family members were well aware that Gaurab may never be able to live a normal life if he kept that limb forever. They finally decided to have the surgery that would get rid of it after several tension-filled hours the surgery was completed successfully and Gaurab wasn’t paralyzed.

7. Kang Kang

In 2009 a boy simply known as Kang was born in China with what looked like a mask permanently attached to his face that means he had two faces due to a severe transverse facial cleft not long after he was known more as the doll boy when his condition became public knowledge but something good came out of this the hearts of millions of people around the world were captured by this young boy and donations started pouring in to fund his expensive reconstructive surgeries thanks to this public show of sympathy. Kang went on through several surgeries which has successfully fixed the condition to a large extent today he looks so much better and is able to live a normal life.

8. Manar Maged

We’ve seen extra limbs two faces and extra fingers but what about two heads well that was exactly the case with Manar Maged known as the two-headed girl born in 2004. This Egyptian baby was born with an extra head that didn’t have any arms legs or even a body this rare birth condition Craniopagus parasiticus was due to an embryo that didn’t split completely into an identical twin. So Maged was born with the head of her parasitic twin since it was completely underdeveloped in the womb this was a really delicate place to be joined and it took about 14 grueling hours for the separation surgery the good news is that Maged became the first person to make it out of such a surgery alive. Unfortunately this story doesn’t have a happy ending two years later Maged had to be rushed to the hospital with a fever she had contracted a brain infection from the surgery and died from it after two years.

9. Brigham Nordstrom

If you were born with three organs where it should have been two you would be really uncomfortable but what about having five of them well that’s the story of Brigham Nordstrom, this New Zealand lawyer was 28 years old when he went into the hospital for treatment as he suffered a kidney infection the doctors were shocked to see more than two kidneys on the scan. After some thorough checking they discovered that he had five of them however he was advised not to remove them as it could severely affect his nervous system so Brigham has had to live with his five kidneys which are in no way affecting the quality of life.