10 Unusual People Who Took Plastic Surgery Too Far…

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional body tuck in surgery or even the brazilian butt lift that is becoming pretty popular but there are some people who have taken plastic surgery a little too far from transforming themselves to animals to taking up the look of inanimate objects here are 10 of the most shocking ones.

1. Ethan Bramble

Ethan became obsessed with tattoos at the tender age of 11. At that time he had already started stretching out his ears with plugs although this wasn’t so weird for the time since it was quite trendy still this good looking kid became more interested in modifying his body because he wanted to be different from experimenting with different tattoos. Ethan had already gotten 40 body modification surgeries by the time he was 22. Among his many surgeries was snipping his tongue, removing his belly button and tattooing his eyeballs. Every inch of his skin is covered in tattoos and he is one of the most modified youths alive with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. You don’t need further proof to know how captivated people are by this unique look of course Ethan ran the huge risk of going blind when he wanted to get his eye tattoos but it ended up going well.

2. Pixie Fox

Pixie Fox wanted to make herself have the tiniest waistline possible in 2015. To achieve this she started by wearing a corset every single day at first this got her ways to about 18 inches which is really not bad but she wanted more. Pixie decided that it was better to have six of her ribs removed before that surgery she had already gotten several other cosmetic procedures including a brazilian butt lift, liposuction on her inner and outer thighs, four nose jobs, cheek fillers, four breast jobs. lip fillers, a mini brow lift, permanent makeup and botox surgeries now that’s quite a list the surgery took about four hours and she plans on having more modifications to her body.

3. Rodrigo Alves

Rodrigo Alves had always had the dream to look exactly like the ken doll. Not just the face but down to the shiny plastic-like skin so he went ahead to spend more than nine hundred thousand dollars on plastic surgeries to make this dalek appearance possible. The desire to change his body started in high school where he got bullied a lot for his appearance. Rodrigo suffered from abnormal hormonal fluctuations when he was 16 and this caused him to grow breasts he was also teased continuously about his potato-like nose so it’s no surprise that he fell in love with surgeries after his parents took him for breast removal surgery at 17. Rodrigo was able to achieve the shiny skin thanks to countless skin grafting surgeries he also had about 10 surgeries before he could get the ken nose right. Unfortunately he got an infection on the sixth surgery that almost took his life still he survived despite his nose not working as it should he breathes through his mouth and can’t even take incense later he had another surgery on his arms to make them more muscular but ended up paralyzed despite the very real threat of having his arms chopped off he survived and was able to get them working again.

4. Toby Sheldon

We have quite a lot of people with favorite celebrities that they would love to be like but no one has actually tried to make themselves an exact copy of their idols well that was until Toby Sheldon. He was so in love with Justin Bieber that he decided he wanted to look exactly like his celebrity idol. So toby went off to a plastic surgeon with a picture of Bieber and told him make me exactly like that, this cost him more than a hundred thousand dollars as he had his lips, nose, eyes, hair and face done repeatedly until he felt it looked just right by the time it became public knowledge that Toby had gone under the knife countless times to be like Justin he was mocked a lot. Later he got featured in 2014 on botched which is a show for people who went through terrible plastic surgeries but this is not where the story ends. Toby tried to launch his music career on the back of being a Justin Bieber lookalike but it was a massive flop. In 2015 he went missing and was later found dead in a motel after taking some harmful substances.

5. Cindy Jackson

At first glance Cindy Jackson looks like any regular person and you wouldn’t think that there was anything unusual about her appearance but that’s until you discovered that it took more than 45 non-surgical procedures and 14 surgeries to achieve that look. Her list of surgeries so far includes a chin reduction, two eyelids liposuction, two nose jobs and three facelifts. She also had semi-permanent makeup chemical peels and botox fillers done this all started when her father died when she was 21 and Cindy started using her inheritance money to get some minor surgeries. She never liked the way she looked so this was a great opportunity to change her appearance into something she preferred slowly this turned into an obsession that Cindy started going for body modifications just a few months apart in fact at some point she held a record of having the most plastic surgeries done on her body. After she lost that record she still had a necklace done. Cindy later opened her plastic surgery consulting service where the youthful looking lady advises celebrities on how they can get natural results for their surgeries.

6. Vanilla Chamu

It’s not a strange thing to see people get eyelid surgery in Japan because they want to look more western in fact it’s a trend that’s gotten quite popular over the years but Vanilla Chamu decided to take this a little bit further. In 2013 the Japanese model began her journey towards transforming her body into a French doll. First she started by bleaching her skin to look Caucasian then she had work done on her hair to turn to ginger before working on her face lips and nose all these started in her teens when she also enlarged her breasts and changed her chin of course this wouldn’t be complete without the popular eyelid surgery. Vanilla spent more than a hundred thousand dollars on about 30 plastic surgeries and she’s not done yet she plans to get even the dangerous height lengthening surgery that would chill anyone to their bones.

7. Dennis Avner

For someone that believed stronger in the power of spirit animals Dennis decided to take it a step further by transforming himself into what he believed was his own spirit animal the tiger he is also known as stalking cat. His transformation began when he was 23 years old and it all started with one tiger stripe tattoo from then on Dennis kept adding more tattoos and going through several surgeries to make him cat-like in appearance his surgeries included elongation, brow implants and nose flattening. Dennis also wears synthetic whiskers which pass through holes in his lips however body modifications are illegal in the United States if they’re not normal by society’s standards so he had them done by independent artists without anesthesia. One can only imagine the pain he went through to make this happen but he believes it’s all worth it.

8. Anne Bolton

Getting plastic surgery to make yourself look younger is quite common but have you ever heard of surgeries to make you look older. Apparently Anne who became a grandmother at the age of 47 wasn’t happy with how her son was often mistaken for her boyfriend also she had younger men in their 20s flirting with her and this ruined marriage in two long-term relationships. Fed up with this and the jealousy from her friends Anne decided that it would be better to make herself look much older. She felt the attention from the younger guys was boring and got the inverse of botox which would add some wrinkles to her face.

9. Erik Sprague

We call this the lizard man and it took more than 700 hours of tattoo sessions to get to this point all he wanted to do was become the spitting image of a lizard and the tattoos gave him realistic looking reptile scales. He also got implants in his eyebrows and a split tongue to make his face look exactly like that of a lizard. So why would anyone go this far with crazy modifications and get used to being stared at while touring the world in freak shows well he believed that he’s a mythological creature and that’s how he reflects this.

10. Herbert Chavez

We all had crazy wishes when we were five especially those that grew up watching superheroes like Spider-Man and Superman on television but one man decided to turn this dream into reality. Herbert always wanted to be a superman and while we thought it was as simple as stepping into a phone booth and coming out transformed Herbert went under the knife to make it happen. This man spent more than eight thousand dollars which were about 19 surgeries from 1995 to 2012. Talk about a man dedicated to the course his surgeries included ab implants, lip liposuction, skin whitening and nose jobs. As soon as he went able to achieve the look that he wanted no day would pass without Herbert dressing up as superman and even going out onto the streets.