Who are these guys standing behind the Indian President with army-like uniforms?

They are called the AIDE-DE-CAMP. An aide de camp is a person who is a personal assistant or a secretary to a person of high rank, usually a Senior Military brass, Governors of the respective states, The President. Moreover, aide de camps work as a protocol officer who looks after the implementation of the protocols. … Read more

21 Interesting Facts About Japan You Might Not Know

Japan is known as the land of the Rising Sun, but it could also be called the land of singing toilets, or the blue traffic light. There are so many things that make it a whole other world. Here are 21 Interesting Facts about Japan you might not know 1. People Pushers Subways and train … Read more

Why Indian Passport Have Different Colors?

There are three types of passport issued in India with different colors Like Navy Blue, Maroon and White, some passports are more important than others. some passports give visa-free travel, faster immigration clearance etc. But what does the different colors on the passport means? before that let us know about what is passport. What is … Read more