Why Indian Passport Have Different Colors?

There are three types of passport issued in India with different colors Like Navy Blue, Maroon and White, some passports are more important than others. some passports give visa-free travel, faster immigration clearance etc. But what does the different colors on the passport means? before that let us know about what is passport.

What is Passport

A passport is a document required to travel other countries. It is issued by the national government to the citizens of the country. Passport is a document of identity, it contains person’s name, address, date of birth, place of birth and other important personal information about the citizen. The purpose of passport is to identify the holder of the document.

Three types of passport issued in India

1. Navy Blue Passport – Regular Indian Passport

The Navy Blue Passport or Regular Indian Passport is issued to the General Citizens of India travelling abroad for vacation, business trips. This color helps the custom, immigration officials and other authorities abroad distinguish between the common man and government officials of India holding high ranks. Regular passports carry the name, date of birth and a photograph of the holder. Additionally, it includes various other identification proofs for immigration checks.

2. Maroon Passport – Diplomatic Indian Passport

Maroon Passport or Diplomatic Indian Passport is issued only to Indian diplomats and top ranking government officials, joint secretary and above and diplomatic couriers. like IAS officer, IPS Officer etc. Such passport holders gets many benefits during foreign tour like they do not need a visa for flying abroad. Also, maroon passport holders are able to clear immigration formalities much faster than regular people.

3. White Passport – Official Indian Passport

White Passport – Official Indian Passport is the most powerful one, this passport is issued to individuals who are representing the Indian government on official business. This passport is typically issued to Govt. employees who are traveling on national duty, typically to represent the country. The white passport makes it easy for the custom and immigration officials to identify the holder as a government official and give due treatment.

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