Who are these guys standing behind the Indian President with army-like uniforms?

They are called the AIDE-DE-CAMP. An aide de camp is a person who is a personal assistant or a secretary to a person of high rank, usually a Senior Military brass, Governors of the respective states, The President.

Moreover, aide de camps work as a protocol officer who looks after the implementation of the protocols. To be an aide de camp, one should have experience in serving the armed force for 5-7 years.

The duties and responsibilities of the ADC are

1. Providing security to the President, Governor, General etc.

2. He performs the routine activities to save the President, Governor, General’s crucial time.

3. Preparing and organizing calendars and schedules.

4. He/ She meets and hosts visitors.

5. Supervising additional staff members is done by an ADC.

The President of India has 5 ADC’s, 3 from the Army and one each from the Navy and Air force.

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