Sirf Ek Minute Episode 162 Answers 24 December 2021

Sirf Ek Minute Episode 162 Mughal e Azam Answers

Flipkart Video is back with a New Game Show Sirf Ek Minute. In this Quiz you have to give correct answers of all 6 questions in 1 Minute, You will get 10 seconds to give correct answer of each question. Its a race against ⏱️! Yahan jald-se-jald jawab doge, toh hi 🏆 jeetoge! Watch, play, and win on ‘Sirf Ek Minute’

Sirf Ek Minute Quiz Details

  • Quiz Name – Sirf Ek Minute
  • Date & Time – 12 A.M Everyday
  • Quiz Based on – General Knowledge
  • Quiz Available On – Flipkart App – Game Zone
  • Rewards – Gift Vouchers & Supercoins
  • Results Declared – Immediately

How to Play Sirf Ek Minute Quiz

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Note – Answers are updated Everyday at 12 A.M

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Episode 162 Answers 24 December 2021

Here are all the correct answers of Sirf Ek Minute Episode 162 Mughal e Azam

Q 1} What type of animal is Baloo in the Jungle Book?

Answer 1 – Bear

Q 2} One of the first cases of which Covid variant was discovered in South Africa?

Answer 2 – Omicron

Q 3} In the 1960 historical epic ‘Mughal e Azam’ Anarkalis character was played by which actress?

Answer 3 – Madhubala

Q 4} Which cricketer is the first to cross 3000 runs in T201 cricket?

Answer 4 – Virat Kohli

Q 5} Which is the second largest country in the World by area?

Answer 5 – Canada

Q 6} COP26 was a conference that addresed what global crisis?

Answer 6 – Climate Crisis