Amazon Credit Card Bill Quiz Answers

Credit Card Bill Quiz Answers Amazon

Here are all the correct answers of Credit Card Bill Quiz

Q 1. The RBI has notified that late payment charge on a credit card is levied only if user fails to pay within how many days from the due date?

Answer 1 – 3

Q 2. A credit card company sets limits on how much one can charge on a credit card. This is based on the user’s ability to handle what?

Answer 2 – Debt

Q 3. The billing cycle for a credit card is the period between two consecutive _____ dates. Fill in the blanks

Answer 3 – Statement

Q 4. In 1958, American Express launched their first charge card in which two countries?

Answer 4 – USA and Canada

Q 5. In 1983, Mastercard became the first company to introduce what security feature to its credit cards?

Answer 5 – Laser Hologram

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