Daam Sahi Hai Episode 20 Answers 26 May 2021

Daam Sahi Hai Episode 20 Answers

Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai is Quiz Show available only on flipkart app. Here you have to Guess The Correct Price of the Product Shown on Mobile Screen there will be 2 options you have to select one option which you think will be the correct Price. Here there will be 3 questions asked, if you get all the correct answers, you will win flipkart vouchers and supercoins and other gifts that can be used for shopping on flipkart. You can win these prizes everyday. Play and Win Daily Prizes.

Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Episode 20 Car Accessories Answers 26 May 2021 are Given Below

Daam Sahi Hai Quiz Details

  • Quiz Name  Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Season 2
  • Episode No: 20
  • Topic – Car Accessories
  • Date & Time – 12 a.m Everyday
  • Quiz Based on –  Opinion
  • Quiz Available On – Flipkart App – Game Zone
  • Rewards – Gift Vouchers & Supercoins
  • Results Declared – Immediately

How To Play Daam Sahi Hai Quiz

1. Download Flipkart App from Google Play Store (Android Users) or Apple store (IOS users).

2. Sign up or Log In to Flipkart App.

3. Click on the Game Zone Icon in Flipkart App.

4. Search For Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Quiz.

5. Click on ‘Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai’ Banner

Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Episode 20 Car Accessories Answers 26 May 2021

Here are the Correct Answers of Todays Daam Sahi Hai Quiz 26 May

Q 1} Fill in the missing digits. The MRP of LuvLap Cozy Convertible Car Seat for baby & kids is Rs 1 1 4 _ _

Answer 1 – Rs 11,499

Q 2} What is the MRP of HP W300 Webcam?

Answer 2 – Greater than Rs 4,500

Q 3} What product am I?

Answer 3 – FK SmartBuy 10000mAh PowerBank

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