Flipkart Beat The Genius Episode 23 Answers 7 July 2021

Beat The Genius Episode 23 Answers

Flipkart Video is back with Beat The Genius Quiz Show on Flipkart App. In this quiz show there will be total 5 questions related to General Knowledge. Each questions will have 4 options you have to select the correct answer out of 4 options and you will get 15 seconds to select the answer of the questions. If you give all correct answers you will win Flipkart Supercoins or Flipkart Vouchers.

Flipkart Beat The Genius Episode 23 Answers 7 July 2021 are given below

Beat The Genius Quiz Details

  • Quiz Name  Beat The Genius Season 1
  • Date & Time – 12 A.M
  • Quiz Based on –  General Knowledge
  • Quiz Available On – Flipkart App – Game Zone
  • Rewards – Gift Vouchers & Supercoins
  • Results Declared – Immediately

How to Play Beat The Genius Quiz

1. Download Flipkart App from Google Play Store (android users) or Apple Store (ios users)

2. Sign up or Log In to Flipkart App.

3. Click on the Game Zone Icon in Flipkart App.

4. Search Beat The Genius Quiz

5. Click on ‘Beat The Genius’ Quiz Banner

Note – Answers are updated Everyday at 12 A.M

Flipkart Beat The Genius Episode 23 From London to Paris Answers 7 July 2021

Here are the correct answers of Beat the Genius Episode 23 From London to Paris

1. The Alphonso mango was named after an explorer from which country?

Answer 1 – Portugal

2. In the Mahabharata who narrates the events of the Kurukshetra war to the blind Dhritarashtra?

Answer 2 – Sanjaya

3. Which Puducherry-born Hollywood director has received a Padma Shri in 2008?

Answer 3 – M Night Shyamalan

4. In which country did the Indian men’s cricket team win its first overseas test series? 

Answer 4 – New Zealand

5. In 1829 which Governor General of India banned the practice of Sati?

Answer 5 – Lord Bentinck

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