Flipkart Superfan Episode 2 Answers Jacqueline Fernandez

Flipkart Superfan Episode 2 Answers

Flipkart Superfan is a quiz show available on Flipkart App in Video section. In this quiz show bollywood celebrity will ask you 10 questions about themself and you have to select the correct answers from the options given below the question. If you get all 10 correct answers you will win Flipkart Supercoins. Play Flipkart Superfan and Win Exciting Prizes from Flipkart.

Flipkart Superfan Episode 2 Answer Jacqueline Fernandez

How to Play Flipkart Superfan Quiz

1. Download Flipkart App or Update Flipkart App.

2. Open Flipkart App and go to Video section on Flipkart Home Page

3. Click on ‘Superfan’ Quiz Banner

Flipkart Superfan Episode 2 Jacqueline Fernandez Answers 6 November 2020

Here are the Correct Answers of Flipkart Superfan Episode 2 Jacqueline Fernandez

1. What is the last thing I do before I sleep?

Answer 1 – Pray

2. What is my favourite Indian Dessert?

Answer 2 – Rasgulla

3. What is my least favourite vegetable?

Answer 3 – Karela

4. What is that one social media trend that really bugs me?

Answer 4 – Challenges

5. I always carry a marble angel in my bag. Who gifted me this angel?

Answer 5 – My Mom

6. What is that one thing l always offer guests when they come home?

Answer 6 – Dates

7. I have 2 poles at home

Answer 7 – TRUE

8. If I wasn’t living in India I would have loved to stay in New York

Answer 8 – FALSE

9. The first Hindi film I watched was.

Answer 9 – Devdas

10. My first Bollywood crush was.

Answer 10 – Salman Khan

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