Amazon Buddha Jayanti Quiz Answers

Buddha Jayanti Quiz Answers 24 May 2021

Here are the correct answers of Buddha Jayanti Quiz

Q 1. In which country is the birth of Buddha celebrated on April 8 and takes place along with the flower festival Hanamatsuri?

Answer 1 – Japan

Q 2. By which of these names is the Buddha also known as?

Answer 2 – Shakyamuni

Q 3. Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini is now in which modern day country?

Answer 3 – Nepal

Q 4. One Pali text that gives details on the life of the Buddha is the Mahaparinibbana- sutta. What is the meaning of the name of the text?

Answer 4Discourse on the Final Nirvana

Q 5. The Temple of the Sacred Tooth, believed to house a tooth of the Buddha is located in which city?

Answer 5 – Kandy

Q 6. The Buddha founded an order of monks and nuns known as the _______ . Fill in the blanks

Answer 6 – Sangha

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