Amazon Mini TV Quiz Answers TVF Aspirants

Amazon Mini TV Quiz Answers 24 May 2021

Answer all 5 questions Enter the lucky draw to win the prize by answering all 5 questions correctly.

Here are the correct answers of Mini TV Quiz

Q 1. The ‘Aspirants’ is a story of people aspiring to crack which exam?

Answer – UPSC

Q 2. The ‘Aspirants’ is a ____ original. Fill in the blanks

Answer – TVF

Q 3. The ‘Aspirants’ show is available on which of these platforms?

Answer – miniTV on

Q 4. How much do the customers need to pay to watch the content of the ‘Aspirants’ on miniTV on

Answer – It is Free

Q 5. Which of these is true about the current IMDb rating of the ‘Aspirants’?

Answer – Above 9

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